The AdaptiV response for the comfort of perfusates published on La Tribune

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Stylist and designer of the brand Helena Sorel, Corinne Amouyal has launched a unique product: an adaptable shirt to care for people and perfused with reduced mobility, in hospital or at home.

There is no equivalent on the market, since so far the need has remained unanswered: Corinne Amouyal just launched the first tee adapted to perfused patients and disabled people, at home or in the middle hospital. A product shaped by his experience ... Until stylist, creator of the Helena Sorel brand, it goes with the rest of his family, with his father two years during his cancer. Then she realizes that there is no clothing suitable for this kind of circumstance between the unavoidable blouses leaving the body half uncovered and senior brought by the patient and cut with scissors during care, he still nothing. "I wanted to restore dignity to the patient, make him feel at ease," she says ...

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