Cote magazine Suisse : Giving patients back their independence

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“A t-shirt may seem insignificant but it’s a way to take back control of your body and feel good”.

The one-of-a-kind AdaptiV t-shirt is a unisex garment specially designed for people on a drip or with reduced mobility at home and in specialist centres. The light and comfortable t-shirt has been specially designed to ensure the patient’s physical and mental wellbeing. The technical innovation has revolutionised treatments and comes from Corinne Amouyal. The designer and brains behind Helena Sorel was inspired to make it when her father was diagnosed with stomach cancer. He was in hospital and on a drip for months and she noticed that there weren’t any clothes suitable for the treatment given to patients. She used her talent to design and make this t-shirt to help the sick. It’s a great way to give patients back their dignity and independence!

Read the article on November issue of November page 153


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